OLS Quebec Has The Best Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers There Are

Dismissed Employee

I had the same job for about 3 years. Within the last year of me working there, the company hired a new boss. This new boss I had and I didn’t get along very well. I felt like he was constantly looking at me funny and heard through the grapevine at work that he made rude and wrong comments that were in a sexual nature regarding me. He tried to hit on me a few times but I just brushed it off. This made the tension between us even worse and that’s when all the issues started. I started getting wrote up for being late when I had never had any write-ups before. There were also other people that showed up later than I did and they weren’t given write-ups. I knew there was something I was going to have to do before I got terminated, but assumed that any move I made would be a good reason for him to fire me. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just kept going to work and showing up on time so I wouldn’t get additional write-ups and possibly fired.

One day I was sitting at my desk doing my work and he came over and told me he needed to see me in his office. I went in there and he told me that he would need to fire me because I was a few minutes late that day. I knew that I wasn’t late at all and asked him for the proof showing I was late which he couldn’t provide. He told me he would have someone gather my things and that I was no longer employed with them. This made me so angry because I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. I started looking into how I could handle the whole situation.

I told a friend of mine what happened and she suggested I look into hiring a wrongful dismissal lawyer. I asked her if she knew of any and she said that she heard OLS Quebec had the best ones in the area. I looked them up online to find reviews for them and find their number. I called them and explained my situation and they said they would be able to help me. They told me what documentation I would need to provide them with and set up an appointment for me to bring those things in and discuss this in further detail.

I gathered up all the things they needed and headed to my appointment. They looked over everything I had and said they would be able to get some of the other paperwork for me. They were very confident that they would be able to help me out. They have been really great so far and I am sure I made a great choice to hire the wrongful dismissal lawyer. I know they will be able to put this issue to rest once and for all.