Slip and Fall Personal Injury

I was driving home from the gym one day a few months ago and a car hit me head on. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance because I had some head trauma. In the accident, my head hit the windshield and they wanted to check me out. I was in the hospital for 48 hours for observation and received some short term memory loss from the wreck. While I was in the hospital, I found out that the person driving the other vehicle had been drinking. They hit me going 50 miles an hour and didn’t have one injury.

A friend of mine was visiting me in the hospital and I told her what I could remember about the wreck and what I found out afterwords. She suggested I call a personal injury lawyer to represent me. She said some of them will come to visit you in the hospital after an accident so they can get your information and get your case started. I asked her if she knew of any in particular that I should call. She said she didn’t, but she would try to find out for me.

She posted on her Facebook to see if there was anyone that could recommend a personal injury lawyer for a friend of hers. She said a few different people recommended McLeish Orlando to take my case. I asked her to look the number up for me which she did. I lost my phone in the accident and never was able to find it. She even called them for me and made arrangements for them to come to the hospital the next day.

They came to my room at the arranged time and I let them know what I could remember of the wreck. I let them know about when it happened and which departments handled it. They said they would be able to get the information from my accident so they could get my case started. I was happy to have that weight off my shoulders and to learn that they would be taking care of everything for me.

McLeish Orlando has been in close contact with me for the past few months. They have been updating me on the status of my case and sending me correspondence in the mail as they receive it. They have been really great to work with and have done a good bit of work so I don’t have to.

My personal injury case is still open, but McLeish Orlando is handling it the best they can. They have been great to work with and I have confidence that they will resolve this case in my favor. The accident was obviously not my fault and I know that they will get the money that I deserve from it. I can’t wait to get the medical bills paid off and the other money from the wreck that I am justly owed for it.